Teaching Lessons

……….After trying out several variations of teaching, I have found the most productive for students are private lessons within my studio. This allows for complete customization to the student’s wants and needs and allows for us to use the vast array of resources at my fingertips. My rate includes specific preparation prior to the class as well as “homework” where I get all the projects up to speed for student during non-class time in order to utilize time efficiently.
……….My rate is $50/hr for one student or $70/hr for two students (if both are basically wanting the same lesson). The minimum is 5 hours and the maximum is 3 days. It is difficult to measure how much time you might need as it depends on what you wish to learn. I have taught from basics of bear-making to solely facial expressions to complete pattern design both from scratch or revamping exisiting patterns. A knowledge of machine and/or hand-sewing is required.
……….I will make up schedule on a first come first serve basis and how many sessions fit well into my year. This allows for student to decide best and most affordable time for travel to Denver. I will also consider teaching private lessons at any shows I may attend in future if time and materials allow.


Testimonials from former students:


          After sewing pretty cute bears for over 15 years, I yearned to take my bear making to the next level, expanding my design skills to more complex pattern making.  It was a wonderful experience, that brought my design skills to a whole new level. Michelle is very generous with sharing information on anything about bear making. You can ask her any anything and she will tell how she accomplishes that element. I finished my class feeling inspired with ideas and skills to last  a lifetime. The difference in my bears is like night and day. Now my bears have more character, polish and complexity. The first bear I made after the class with Michelle was highly praised and I had a few inquiries about selling her.  I can sincerely say the private lessons are well worth it.
Michelle McKune


          My private lessons with Michelle helped me so much. Not only did I learn all the things I wanted her to teach me, but learned other valuable ways to do the things better that I was already doing. Michelle is a wonderful, gracious, and generous teacher. Her private classes were something so worth the time and money spent. I treasure my time spent with her. My bears will be so much better for her teachings.
Judy Broughton


          I’ve been a bronze sculptor for many years, but discovered soft sculpture for the first time and became addicted. Michelle was at the top of the list of artists who’s work enthralled me. After trying a couple do-it-yourself videos that showed the basics, I still had so many questions and few answers. Michelle was a wealth of information. My class was a dizzying three days of intense instruction, that left me breathless, enchanted, and all the info my head could hold….along with my own first bear. I can’ thank her enough for all her input and help. Her class was invaluable in helping me get my own line going which is still a work in progress, and will be launched this coming year.  I can’t wait! 
Anij Indigo-Jordan


          I took a combination of both private and group lessons with Michelle.  I was a beginner with limited sewing skills and Michelle was very patient with me.  She taught to my level and I never felt frustrated or discouraged. If anything, Michelle was always very positive and encouraged me to keep trying and develop my own personal style.  She shared so much information in the time I spent with her- I feel that the what I learned from her personal experiences was valuable and cannot be found in books. I would highly recommend taking courses with Michelle Lamb- it is worth the investment!
Kimberly Wendt