1. Bidders must be logged in/registered in order to participate in the auction. To register you’ll need a user name and an email address.
    1. Select the “Bid Here” option on the Auction page. This is only area of the site where you’ll be required to log in.
    2. Click on link “Register or Log In”.
    3. Now you either “Log In” if you have already registered, where you will land on “profile” page and can return to site from upper left link. OR, you can click the “Register” link if you are new to the auction.
  2. To register, you have to fill out the “profile” page. Some fields are required and some are optional. Do not check the “toolbar view” field as this is for administrator use only.
  3. Update your Profile, it will say Profile updated at the top when complete.
  4. You will then receive a WP generated password to your inbox so you can copy/paste it into the password field.
    At the upper left corner of “profile” page there is a redirect back to my site. For as long as you remain logged on, your user name/email will be conveniently auto-inserted into the bid windows so you don’t have to input them for every bid. The phone/address field is entirely optional and will not repopulate each bid so ignore if you like.


  1. A bidder can place a Maximum Bid and be safe of winning until that bid has been beaten. The bidder could win for less than their maximum bid if his/her max bid is not outbid. Automatic bids up to the maximum are placed on the bidder’s behalf even when he/she is not monitoring the auction. If you need clarification on how proxy bidding works, click on the red question mark found in the Bid Here box which will lead you to FAQ about bidding.
  2. Emails will notify you of being outbid or with no delay, you may look at a REFRESHED bid history. For refreshing stats, it is best to use the circular icon in the red/orange box displaying the current high bid.
  3. This system does not recognize commas. $1011.00 is acceptable, however 1,011.00 is not.  Decimals and the $ sign are optional but time-consuming. It’s quicker to type 1011 for example,  instead of $1011.00. To avoid the super rare instance of simultaneous bid at same time, I recommend using odd numbers when bidding, ie, 1011 instead of 1000. Even if you see other bidder has same amount and it looks like it was done in the same second, one bidder HAS won by a millisecond that is not recordable in the bid history.
  4. Many prefer to bid “last minute”, however “last second bidding or “sniping” within the last ten seconds is not recommended as there are significant variables between computers and distances and browsers that make it impossible for all bidders to be synchronized to “real time”. You take a risk of your bid not being accepted if made within the final seconds.
  5. You can do multiple max bids without fear of upping your current winning bid amount.


As administrator I reserve the right to end an auction, extend an auction or cancel individual bids if fraud is suspected or if an error in system arises, or for any reason of my own discretion. If the winning bidder does not complete the purchase with ample time and communication, he/she will be banned from future auctions. In that event, I reserve the right to sell the item to the runner-up bidder, re-list item, or remove item from auction.

Feel free to email with any questions or suggestions.